My declaration of what to expect of our government leadership, an invitation

My declaration of what to expect of our government leadership, an invitation

There is only one way to successfully stand and fight against injustice. That way is to stand and fight FOR

Honest government

Non-violent solutions

Respect for all human beings

Fair and equal treatment of every American resident


To hold these touchstones of American democracy to be manifest and indisputable:

  1. A government is made of individual citizens who are elected for a finite period of time to help provide for the individual and aggregate safety and greater good of all residents.
  1. Public employees voted into any positions are elected to represent and to serve the best interests of citizens who cast ballots.
  1. No government branch or agency will approve, enforce or allow any law, order, regulation or practice which deprives a United States citizen of a Constitutional right.
  1. Any law, regulation, order or binding decision enacted by the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches of the federal government or its regulating agencies pertaining to individual citizens, private businesses or other organizations will equally apply to all reaches of federal government departments, agencies, offices and personnel.
  1. No branch or agency of the United States government will expend funds, lives or other resources in efforts to implant our country’s form of government or any specific religious beliefs on the peoples of any other sovereign nation.
  1. The United States Congress will annually pass and maintain rolling two-year, sustainable, balanced budgets which include and cover all federal income and expenditures in their entirety for each department, agency and other funded bodies and actions.
  1. What else?

Karen Bonaudi

Seattle, Washington


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